Maladies gynécologiques

Lemon and intimate care: the dangers for the vagina

Lemon is an ingredient used by many women during their intimate hygiene. Some use it to tighten the vagina. To tighten Jessica with lemon, women do the following.


How is lemon used by women to tighten the vagina?

They mix lemon juice with lukewarm water which they put in a bulb. They inject the mixture into the vagina to clean it deeply 1 hour before sexual intercourse. After this wash, they must try to insert a finger into the vagina and if they have difficulty doing so, this means that the vaginal membrane has shrunk, otherwise they must start again quickly until they obtain the desired result. This practice is like regaining a second virginity, because for some women, it increases their partner’s sexual pleasure


Why is lemon dangerous for your vagina?

Tightening Jessica with lemon poses dangers for your private part. Lemon juice is too acidic and attacks the mucous membranes of the vagina. This is why it is painful (like lemon on a wound). Using lemon for “vaginal disinfection” is dangerous. Repetition of this operation also destroys the natural vaginal flora which protects the vagina from other germs. Lemon has no impact on intimate odors. Putting lemon either in the vagina or diluted in water can be dangerous for the vagina. It is possible to get rid of vaginal odor without using lemon. Bad vaginal odor has several causes and to make it disappear, it depends on the cause.

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